Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Productive Day

Today was awesome because I felt so productive. Dr. Dube gave me two tasks at the meeting on Friday and I finished both of them! First task that I started yesterday was to find all the strong CMEs within the last ten years and today I went through the ones that were of a k value of 8 or 9 and confirmed that they caused geomagnetic storms and auroras. I also had to confirm on multiple sites the days they occured and affected us and the relative times. My second task was to convert a chart given to me into another chart with time vs. # of CMEs instead of speed vs. # of CMEs. I had to find 5000 CMEs from the years 1998 to 2001 on a site and copy and past them into excel. Through excel I manipulated the data to create the new chart. All in all it was a very successful day and I will look forward to more work.

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